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Our community is mainly science based, with a lot of scientists actively working in labs all over the world.
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Social media stats


50K+ Followers

Top locations:

19% India
10% USA
6% Brazil
3% Mexico


58% women
42% men


18-24: 45%
25-34: 39%
35-44: 9%

Average Post

Impressions: 10K - 50K

Engagement: 500 - 1K

Website clicks: 50 - 100

Average Story

Impressions: 3K - 5K

Engagement: 50 - 100

Lab.hacks App

220K+ Downloads

2.5K Daily active users

Top locations:

12.5% USA
12.3% India
8.9% China
8.2% Germany
4.0% Brazil
3.9% U.K.


51.0% men
47.0% women


18-24: 35%
25-34: 40%
35-44: 14%
45-54: 7%

Average Post

Impressions: 10K - 50K

Engagement: 1K - 3K

Average Notification

Impressions: 30K - 40K

Engagement: 1K - 2K

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