We Are Lab.hacks

Lab.hacks is a platform to give students working in the laboratory sector easy access to the most tangible tips & tricks.

The Founder

Marius Wegener

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Master of Science
  • Dr. rer. nat.
  • Senior Product Specialist

"There are plenty of repetetive actions you do in the lab. Let's program a helper so scientists can focus on the important things in their research."

The Scientist

Camila Freitas Stahl

  • Bachelor of Biology
  • Master of Genetics
  • Dr. rer. nat.
  • Product Specialist

"Why use a static computer for basic things, when you can have it all in your pocket?!"

The Programmer

Roman Rauer

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Software Engineer

"Everything is possible."

The vision


We founded Lab.hacks to collect & curate knowledge from lab workers around the world and put it into a snack bite format on social media and motivate fellow scientists in their everyday Lab.work.

We are operating Lab.hacks from a tiny village in Germany where the Erlenmeyer flask was actually invented. You see, making life easier for lab workers around the world is a mission statement we are highly commited to.

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